Dark Sunrise by Rose Black

Shine Light on the World of Rose Black and Uncover the Beauty in her Darkness.

Rose Black is an immensely talented Gothic artist living in Schweinfurt, Germany. Rose has independently studied and practiced the fine art of painting since the age of 16. The launch of Dark Sunrise represents the first official fashion collection by Rose Black, available exclusively via Sanditas.

"With my painting, I want to get people to dare to see things in real life.

I want to help people deal with their depression and the dark side of existence. I'm not afraid to portray things the way they are in real life.  I do not want to leave my fellow human beings by telling them the lie of the light that often does not exist. I want to encourage people to accept life as it is. That there exists a solution for everything, even in dark times. True beauty often takes bizarre detours."

-Rose Black